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20 Organizing Tips to Help You Pack Your Suitcase Like a Pro!

Saturday, September 14th, 2013
by Sherry Castaldi
Category: Home Organizing

There are a few basic components of your vacation you need to consider before you even start to pack.

From that point you can begin to select exact articles of clothing and accessories that you will need.  If you are traveling by air be aware of your carrier’s baggage restrictions. This is the time to be efficient with your space


1) Know the climate, weather and temperatures of the location you will be visiting as this will determine the types of attire and accessories you will need.

2) How long will you be there? This will determine the amount of clothing and accessories you will need.

3) If you are traveling by air you need to decide if you will be using only carry-on baggage or if you will be checking bags. Remember this choice may affect your toiletry choices due to various airline restrictions.

4) Now put together daily outfits and undergarments based upon the amount of days you will be gone. Add an extra 2-3 days of additional attire for emergencies. To keep clothes at a minimum consider a wardrobe that is easily coordinated with mix and match items. For example, jeans, black, white and tan separates can make for a variety of different outfits.

5) Begin by appropriately folding these items and stacking them in piles.  This will serve two purposes. One is so they are ready to be put into the suitcase, and two is to get a visual of the amount of luggage pieces and space that will be needed.

6) Next, decide if you will need any specialty items; dinner or formal attire, rain gear, sweaters or jackets for potential cooler temperatures, hiking gear, etc. and gather these items. Fold and stack them for packing.

7) Decide what types of shoes you will need. Do you need walking shoes, dress shoes, any specialty shoes such as boots, or flip flops? Do not bring all of your shoes; decide which ones will be the most universal to your needs.

8) Now you can decide if you need accessories such as additional outerwear; hats, scarfs, sunglasses, etc. and put those items with your piles of clothing to be packed.

9) Gather your necessary personal toiletry items with regard to if you are checking bags or using only carry-on and make sure you are following your airline carrier’s guidelines.

10) It’s a good idea to use a small travel or cosmetic bag or clear plastic ziploc bags for packing toiletries.  If the airlines do want to view these items it is easy to see them and if any would leak or spill it will help safeguard your clothing if toiletries are kept in clear Ziploc bags.

11) Once you have all of your items stacked in front of you for packing now you can see what size luggage or how many pieces of luggage you will need for the job.

12) Arrange your shoes in with top sides together but opposite each other front to back; one shoe toe should be facing into the heel of the other shoe for the best fit. Place them in shoe covers if you have them or use white plastic bags to keep the soles of your shoes from touching your clothing and your suitcase lining. Pack shoes in the bottom or sides near the bottom of your suitcase.

13) Next begin by placing your larger items in such as jeans, pants, jackets, etc. in the suitcase and taking advantage of the length of the suitcase.  (some may need to slide under the shoes, you’ll have to see) Know that you may need to double fold some items to fit properly.

14) Rolling clothing is another option to folding and often avoids unwanted travel creases.

15) Begin to fill in the suitcase with your pre-folded clothing or rolled clothing, filling the sides with smaller items like undergarments, socks, accessories and even those toiletry bags.

16) The trick to keeping your items neat and orderly is to put them in the suitcase neat and orderly and fill spaces with smaller items so there is less opportunity for shifting.

17) By packing the more delicate items closer to the front of the suitcase, the weight of the other clothing is not on them at least during the period you are in control of your bag.

18) Don’t forget to bring along some laundry bags or mid-size plastic bags to keep your dirty clothes separate in the suitcase as you travel.

19)Do not overstuff your bag! If you can barely get your suitcase closed from the start, it will be even more challenging later. You will either need another bag or you will need to make some strategic elimination choices from your original selection of clothing and accessories.

20) Use the straps within your suitcase to help keep your clothing from shifting. Check and adjust so that everything appears to be evenly packed within the suitcase.

Now Zip Your Suitcase and Go!    Bon Voyage!   

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