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5 Steps for Organizing Success

Organized Home Office

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015
by Sherry Castaldi
Category: Home Organizing

1. Start

Although it may seem silly to say, the first thing you need to do is stop putting it off, stop thinking about it, stop planning and actually start the process. Yes, painful as that may sound, you have to start to finish. So let’s get started.

2. Sort

Sound scary? It really isn’t if we break it down. Begin with the largest categories first; Trash, Recycle, Donate, Keep.
From that “keep” pile, sort into “Like with Like” categories. Examples can be; crafts, toys, tools, photos, dvds, etc. You can also sort into what room the items belong in such as kitchen, office, basement, and garage. If you are sorting by room you will sort again into smaller categories once you are in the room. Or you might use a family member’s name for personal items that belong to that person and go to them or in their room. You can’t organize or determine what you need for storage containment until you see what and how much you have of similar items.

3. Assess the items you are keeping

Evaluate the “keep” items. Think about which items you will need to access daily, and which may be purely sentimental items that you wish to keep but can be stored away and not in your most prime locations.
Keep things you need to get to daily, within the easiest reach, or what I call your “best real estate”, otherwise they most likely won’t be put away if it’s too challenging.
Consider the concept of de-cluttering. Remove all miscellaneous items from sight and either dispose of them or put them in their proper home; such as magazines, paper, mail, drinking glasses, water bottles, clothing, etc. Open horizontal space should not be considered storage space.
You will need to determine what and where the sorted articles are to be stored in. Do they just go into a hanging closet or a cabinet or do you need some type of containment for the items? Do you need folders for paper in a filing drawer, decorative baskets for open shelves or plastic bins and storage containers for the basement or attic storage? You will also need to determine where the appropriate place is to store the labeled folders, baskets, containers.

4. Store

Get the appropriate type and amount of storage holders for your items, place the items neatly inside and label the storage holders so you and all household members know where everything is and where it goes. Once your items have been sorted by category into their appropriate housing containers, labeled and placed into their respective “housing” location, you have finished your project. Give yourself a pat on the back as this is a real feel good moment.

5. Maintain

But do not let all that hard work go to waste as yes there is one very important final step for keeping your home organized and that’s maintenance. You must maintain organization. It doesn’t happen by itself. That means items must be picked up and put away in their appropriate homes. Just like laundry, cooking, cleaning, lawn mowing and all of our other household maintenance tasks, maintaining your organized home is a process and well worth the extra effort for the sanity and peace it will bring to you in your home.

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