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A Reimagined Room from Redesign through Renovation

Family Room Redesign Renovation by Organized by Design

Thursday, October 19th, 2017
by Sherry Castaldi
Category: Home Makeovers

This family room home makeover started with a homeowner’s wish list of changes for the room.

First was the desired removal of a small dormer window in the roof of the family room. This design element that once linked the family roof addition with the original home had become obsolete once a major second story renovation removed the original dormers from the main home.

Next was the desire to remove the single windows in the front and replace them with a larger bump out window to expand the view.

Then was the issue of the ceiling drywall that continually needed re-taping.

Work began with the roof. Once the dormer window was removed, the roof was re-shingled on the exterior and the interior was enclosed. The faux stone was removed from the facade as were the single windows. A new foundation was constructed for the new bump out window. A copper roof was installed over the bump out with copper gutter and downspout. Real stone work went up on the new facade that matches the original home perfectly.

Family Room Redesign Renovation by Organized by Design


The ceiling was insulated prior to installing the new clear (without knots) stained cedar planks.

Family Room Redesign Renovation by Organized by Design


With existing hardwoods and the new cedar ceiling being installed, the original stained trim in the room was painted white for contrast. Continuing the warm color palette in the adjacent rooms, walls were painted Sherwin Williams Tatami Tan.

Family Room Redesign Renovation by Organized by Design


A window seat with a hinged top for storage was built for the bump out window.  To accent the bump out window, the interior was painted Sherwin Williams Sundried Tomato. The left-over single window treatment swags were sewn together to make one new swag for the new bump out window.  The remaining fabric was used for accent pillows on the sofas. Custom cushions and pillows were added to the window seat completing the project.

Family Room Redesign Renovation by Organized by Design


There is nothing more rewarding when taking on a project of this magnitude, than when you have the right team of experienced professionals working together to implement the entire design plan from start to the fabulous finished project for our clients.  This was a real dream-come-true for our homeowners who couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of their finished family room redesign and renovation!

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