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Color, a Love or Fear Relationship?

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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016
by Sherry Castaldi
Category: Home Makeovers | Home Staging

Do you love color or does it strike fear in you?

Does it all look the same to you or does it seem like nothing works together? Do you become paralyzed at the prospect of choosing a paint color and pulling your room together for a cohesive look?

These days, homeowners want color cohesive rooms that reflect their personalities and create their desired ambience. Whether the goal is to create a relaxing private personal retreat or a fun energetic atmosphere for entertaining guests, color plays an important role in their environment.

Thinking about selling your home? Consider the influence your paint color choices may have on your potential buyers. Gone are the days of “let the buyer paint the home in the colors they choose”. These days, you’d best have the home painted in a pleasing warm neutral color palette prior to putting your home on the market, if you want your home to be favored over the competition.

Color is integral to good design and what one feels when entering a space. Color can be extraordinarily confusing with mistakes all to easy to achieve.  “Color is Complicated” states Audra Slinkey, President of Certified Color Expert and Home Staging Resource.

Have you ever made a mistake with a paint color? If so, you are not alone as evidenced by the following statistics:

Wow, that’s a lot of wrong color paint being chosen!  Did you know why the paint color was wrong or did you just know it didn’t “feel” right after it was finished? The culprit may very well be the underlying undertones of the colors in question. A seemingly safe color choice with a difficult-to-distinguish undertone can become a glaring issue when colors with competing undertones are placed within the same room.

Most often you are not working with a blank slate, but with pre-existing permanent elements that cannot be ignored when choosing a new color palette. And if it does happen to be a new build or total renovation you will still need to consider all of the variable components and how they relate to each other before making the final color choices and design selections.

Ignore any of these fixed elements and you’ll most likely not be pleased with the end results of your color palette. That mistake can become quite expensive when you need to bring the painter back to repaint over your wrong color choice.

As with any project, planning is critical to the process and key to a good finish. If wading through the vast amounts of potential color options for your home is not for you, enlist the help of a professional color consultant or certified color expert for a color consultation, to not only save you time and money, but to give you beautiful cohesive results that you can be proud of when your project is completed.

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