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Don’t Forget the Front Door when Staging Your Home

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014
by Sherry Castaldi
Category: Home Staging

Since many homeowners have garages and enter their homes through the garage, they seldom view their front door. However if you’re putting your home on the market, your prospective buyers should be entering by the front door.


As an exterior feature, your front door is a very important element of your overall curb appeal. When selling your home, the front door color becomes even more important. It should have a pop of color to set it apart from the home’s main color, giving it a touch of pizazz, while still complementing the overall color scheme of the home. This is not the time to go for a wild and crazy color that could frighten potential buyers away.

The color shown in the before picture was an accident. Fortunately, right? The homeowner labored over choosing the correct color to duplicate the original, but faded, clay earth-tone color painted by the builder many years prior. The painter applied what the homeowner had thought was the closest match to the original color. As I drove up the next day, I was horrified by the newly painted front door. Well, the homeowners, painter and I all had a good laugh at the new, yet unmistakable “pepto-bismol-pink” on the front door!!!

Luckily, this was an easily correctable problem. Not wanting this beautiful home to be described by buyers as “the home with the pink door”, I pulled some appropriate color samples to select the proper color complimentary to the home’s façade for a pop of color with class for this elegant home. And voila, the perfect front door color to accent and compliment!

You will also want to make sure your entire front door area is impeccably clean. This is where your potential buyers will wait as their Realtor accesses the lock box for the key to enter the home. Plenty of time abounds for just standing and looking around in this area. No cobwebs, bugs, dirt or mildew should be lingering about.  Any glass on the door or storm door should be clean and sparkling. Remove any kind of miscellaneous cutesy decorative item or furniture too big for the space. Allow for a crisp, clean, open and welcoming place where there is room for your guests to wait until the door is opened for them.

If your welcome mat looks like you’ve welcomed an army over time, now is the time to replace it with a nice, new door mat. If temperature as well as enough space permits, consider filling a decorative planter with a flowering plant by the front door.  However if you don’t have time to tend to a plant, just remove the empty planter.

The key to a successful sale requires a properly prepared home staged for today’s buyers in today’s real estate market. First impressions count, especially curb appeal if you want to entice buyers to want to see the inside of your home. With NAR’s findings that in 2013 92% of buyers start their search on line you certainly want every picture of your home to count!

And the beautiful home in the picture… staged and sold in a flurry shortly after being listed. Choose an experienced professional Stager and Realtor for your team when you get ready to sell your home to ensure your own successful sale!

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