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Don’t Leave Your Home Vacant to Sell It

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014
by Sherry Castaldi
Category: Home Staging

Selling Your Home? A small investment in Home Staging can reap big rewards!

You’ve heard it all before, or at least you should have by now. Statistics prove time and time again that staging a home will sell it quicker and for more money than a home left un-staged. Most often the cost of staging is less than the first price reduction. So why do homeowners hesitate to stage when they have a vacant home to sell?

It’s often hard for a homeowner, who is now becoming a home seller, to invest more money into a home they are leaving. However, leaving a home vacant and void of all furnishings doesn’t accomplish the feel to a potential buyer of an “I want to live there” home. Why?

One reason is that if your home is not in perfect immaculate just-built brand new condition, a home without furnishings will accentuate every minor flaw and imperfection as there is nothing else for the buyers to focus on in the rooms. Holes from hooks, nails, cable cords, scuffs on wall, damaged walls, floors, worn carpets, etc. and the list goes on and on of items that can become unsavory focal points. That’s not really the image you want to project when selling your home.

Another reason is the sterile and cold feel of an empty home. Furniture placement becomes a visual challenge in a home buyer’s mind. The room feels much smaller without furniture so it’s a difficult concept for the potential buyer to grasp if their furniture will even fit in the room. For today’s market and pool of home buyers, you are making them work too hard to consider your home a contender for their life and their money.

For a seller there may be the misconception of the cost of staging a vacant home. However if you weigh the savings (Use the RESA® Home Staging Calculator to find your potential savings) of not carrying the mortgage and monthly carrying costs of a home lingering on the market with multiple price reductions against an investment in staging a vacant home,  the cost of staging is always the clear winner on ROI (Return on Investment). A realistic home seller understands that for a small investment relative to the size and list price of the home will bring solid returns back to the seller. NAR reports that an investment in staging of 1-3% of the list price of your home can bring an ROI of 8-10% and many studies and statistics go much higher on the return end.

Selling a home requires the buyers to first become emotionally attached to a home so they can envision themselves living in the home, before they even consider making a financial offer to purchase. What better way to present a home to the real estate market than to make it appealing to potential buyers?

Next time you or someone you know has to move out and sell their home vacant, consider calling a Professional Home Stager to showcase that vacant home for the real estate market to bring in those buyers and make them homeowners of that property!  You might be surprised at how a reasonable and cost effective minor investment in staging can reap big returns in regards to time on the market, saving monthly carrying costs and yielding a higher sale price in the end!

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