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End of School Year Organizing; Now’s the Time!

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014
by Sherry Castaldi
Category: Home Organizing

As the school year ends did you ever think what a great time this is for your kids to get organized?  

Although it may be tempting to just leave all the remnants of this current school year in complete disarray in their bedroom, and begin the lazy days of summer, now is a perfect time to organize.

This means going through all paperwork, artwork, and projects as well as clothing, in a systematic  manner. Sort through what is needed and what is not to tidy up the room from all of the “stuff” that’s accumulated throughout the school year.

Clothing is another important consideration to purge and organize now. Have your child, or help them depending upon their age, go through their closet and drawers, pulling out all items they have outgrown, worn out or know they will not be wearing next year. This way you will have available space when you begin adding to their school clothes at the start of the next school year.

Depending upon their age, your kids may need a little help and guidance from you.


Sort Paper, Artwork & Projects into the following categories:

Keep / File:  Items your child may want access to for the coming years, in which case make up a labeled folder and filing system for these papers so your child has easy access to these potentially helpful items.

Keepsakes:  items that have no further use for reference but are maybe art work or reports that your child would like to keep. Keepsakes can go in a container marked “Keepsakes” and the school year. Some families will keep a container for each child for each year. Others may keep one container for a series of school years.

Trash: Have a trashcan ready for misc. trash items and a paper recycling container close by for paper.

Sort Clothing into the following categories:

Dispose:  Remove and dispose of any permanently stained, un-mendable clothing or such any items that have served beyond their useful years.

Donate: Items that will have a 2nd life should go to someone else.

Keep: Hang any items that need to be hung and likewise fold the items that need to be folded and stored in drawers or shelves. 


A neat and tidy bedroom is a great way to start the summer and the coming school year. Teaching your children how to sort through their items, make decisions, and take control of their belongings by putting things away properly teaches them organizing skills to last a life time!

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