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Give Your Bathroom a Makeover without Breaking the Budget

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014
by Sherry Castaldi
Category: Home Makeovers

This is a less-invasive and less-expensive option than a full-on renovation where everything is gutted and you start completely over. The makeover option is ideal if you have elements you wish to keep. This may also be an excellent way to update your bathroom while keeping a keen awareness of the potential for your resale value later down the road. 

For example in this particular 25 year old bathroom,  the white ceramic tile, tub and toilet were in excellent condition so the homeowner decided against tearing it out and decided to work with it. What the homeowner did want to update was the grout in the shower, cabinets, countertops, lighting fixtures and window treatment.  Hence this project is a perfect example of a bathroom makeover.

Let’s start with the window treatment.  The goal was to allow light in while still retaining privacy.  Blinds and curtains had been used previously. A better solution was this Graber Plantation Shutter since the upper shutters could be opened for light while the lower ones can stay closed for privacy.

Although the tile was in great condition the grout in the shower was less than perfect. The solution was a professional steam cleaning, re-grouting of any areas that needed it and a white color seal so all the grout would be the same color, looking brand new.

The new American Woodmark Cabinetry in white allows for a more spacious feel since the room is small, while installing the newer 33 ½”” height gives an updated look. The wasted wall space over the back of the toilet is put to good use now with a matching 33” height wall cabinet perfect for storage. The original 5’ 4 door cabinet was replaced with a 5’ cabinet with 2 doors and 3 center drawers making for a much more functional space.  The original make-up vanity area only had a countertop. For better functionality, two cabinet drawers were installed to keep items such as makeup off the counter.

The Countertops are quartz, a wonderfully low-maintenance product, specifically Silestone in Stellar Snow that seemed to have little chips of mirror throughout for a beautiful accent with the chrome faucets and hardware. White porcelain sinks complement perfectly with the original white tub and toilet.

A beveled edge design element was carried throughout with the counter top edge, the lighting fixtures, faucets and hardware.  The lighting fixture, faucets and hardware all had ball-style finials.  The lighting fixtures are from the Quoizel Deluxe Collection.  Faucets are from the American Standard Dazzled Collection. The cabinet hardware is from the Top Knobs Edwardian Collection.

For a little touch of pizazz, crown molding was added to the wall cabinet as well as to the entire room. A Mirror-mate Chelsea Classic white frame was applied to the existing mirror to complete the look.

Keeping the original white tile, tub and toilet allowed for a moderately priced but updated bathroom makeover.  Repeating design elements such as beveled edges, ball-style finials and crown molding gave this modest makeover a custom look.

What elements of your bathroom can you preserve to keep your costs down when considering a makeover?

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