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STAGE Your Home

Staged homes sell quicker and for more money than unstaged homes.

Home Staging is by virtue the basis of pure economics by improving upon a product thereby attracting more buyers which increases its selling price.
Real Estate Home Staging is the act and art of preparing and showcasing a commercial or residential property for the real estate market. Staging involves much more than bringing in a few pillows or candles. It requires knowledge of real estate, an understanding of property expenditures with return on investment for resale, and the use of creative design elements to maximize the potential buyer appeal.

Critical differences

It’s also important to note that staging a home to appeal to a buyer is not the same as decorating a home for the homeowner. De-personalizing is critical if the home is to appeal to more potential buyers. The more work and repairs left for the buyer to do and the more personalized to the seller’s style the home is, the more difficult it may be for a buyer to envision themselves in that home. If the buyer cannot envision themselves living in the property it is not likely they will make an offer on it.

Home Staging’s purpose

The purpose of Home Staging is to increase the appeal of the home to the most buyers. The more buyers that are interested, the quicker the sale and with less objections, less money is taken off the offer equating to a higher offer and more money for the seller. The investment in staging your home for sale is almost always less than the first price reduction.

Should you hire a professional Home Stager?

Every seller can benefit from Organized by Design’s Real Estate Home Staging and Curb Appeal Consultation™ . From the most beautifully decorated homes to those in need of repair, there has never been one home I’ve been asked to give a Home Staging Consultation on that I have not been able to help the seller in some way or other that they had not anticipated.

Living in your home, is very different than presenting your home to the buying public for purchase.  And buyers must be able to envision themselves living in your property before the magic of the offer can even happen.

Staging is a 2-part process involving preparing and showcasing the home. Staging is about presenting a home to the buying market. By expertly assessing a property both inside and out, my goal is to guide the seller on ways to improve the home. By taking out as many negative potential issues a buyer may find and removing those in advance of the home going on the market will always increase the home’s buyer appeal.

Preparing the home which may include such items as; repairs, painting, cleaning & de-cluttering, to name a few. Identifying these issues for the seller is a critical aspect of my home staging consultation. Showcasing is about merchandising and increasing the visual appeal of the property, which can include such items as furniture and decor editing and repositioning, paint color changes. By identifying the selling features of the home and giving the seller recommendations on how best to spot light those focal points will accentuate those trigger points to the buyer.

As an additional service after the on-site Consultation I provide the seller with my typed Property Assessment that details the information obtained from the Consultation allowing the seller to use it as a D-I-Y checklist to prepare their property for the real estate market.

Organized by Design’s Real Estate Home Staging and Curb Appeal Consultation and Property Assessment™  was originally created by myself, Sherry Castaldi, as a step-by-step approach to assist home sellers in how to prepare their home for the market. This phenomenal service is an invaluable asset to both the seller and their Realtor in marketing the home to sell to the potential buyers.

Vacant Home Staging Showcase

Occupied Home Staging Showcase

Occupied Home Staging Before and After Photos, Chester Springs PA 19425.

Home Staging for HOMEOWNERS

The purpose of Home Staging is to increase the appeal of the home to the most buyers.

Here’s how I can help you:

  • Professional Real Estate Home Staging involves both Preparing and Showcasing your home for the market to appeal to the most potential buyers.
  • Color consulting & coordinating interior rooms and the exterior of your home for the best aesthetic appeal to buyers.
  • Home Staging may involve such tasks as de-cluttering and de-personalizing so the buyers can focus on the selling features of your home and not your personal items.
  • Furniture, artwork and accessory re-arrangement for proper décor and space planning in regards to your all-important MLS photos when your home is on the market.
  • My professional and comprehensive Organized by Design Real Estate Home Staging and Curb Appeal Consultation™ was created specifically for you, the home seller, to cover both the interior and exterior of your home. I will give you my expertise of proven and effective suggestions to best accentuate the curb appeal and focal selling points of your home. Also included is a typed and detailed Property Assessment from the Consultation which will serve as a handy checklist for addressing the recommendations.
  • A 1-2 hr Follow Up Professional Photo Styling and Market Ready Visit may be all that’s needed for the homeowner who has already had the Consultation and prefers to have an expert look over and fine tune any last minute details prior to the home going on the market.
  • Hands-on Staging work can make a dramatic impact on an Occupied Home that the homeowner is still living in by providing a Finishing Touch Transformation for the home to be photographer and MLS ready.
  • Expert Remote Consultation Service is for when you need Professional Photo Styling or Distance Staging Expert Advice and an on-site visit from Organized by Design isn’t feasible, our remote consultation service is the solution.
  • Vacant Home Staging greatly enhances the marketability of an otherwise cold and sterile-feeling empty house. By staging certain rooms with rental packages of furniture and accessories, the home not only has better marketing pictures but now allows a buyer to make an emotional connection to the home.

View Organized by Design’s Vacant Staging Portfolio:

Click on the following blue link: Vacant Home Staging Album to view room by room.

See how we successfully transform what would have been empty rooms with our own staging inventory into aesthetically pleasing, professional photo and market-ready rooms that showcase homes to sell!

Living Room


Staged and received multiple offers and selling $10,000 over the $439,900 list price!

“I would give Sherry Castaldi 10 stars if I could. She is very talented artistically and very good at implementing what her imagination creates. She is a wonderful communicator with her clients and sensitive to their needs. Her work at our house resulted in multiple offers and a final price
above listing.”

LINDA D., Downingtown, PA 19335

Home Staging for REALTORS

Organized by Design partners professionally with Realtors

Here’s how I can help you

As your professional home staging expert I will professionally consult with your sellers, offering advice, and recommendations for preparing and staging their home to its fullest potential. Included with my Professional Real Estate Home Staging and Curb Appeal Consultation™ is a typed and detailed Property Assessment for their records.

This Property Assessment will serve as a checklist for many homeowners of what needs to be done to get their home ready for the market.

For homeowners that need or desire additional help, continued services are available for either their occupied or vacant homes.

The ultimate benefit is to both you and your seller for an enhanced listing that appeals to more buyers which leads to a quicker sale and for more money.

Living Room


Staged and received multiple offers selling $47,000 over the $899,000 list price!

“Sherry, I have some exciting news. Our home has been listed for only 10 days and would you believe I received four offers to purchase today, with three above asking price. I just accepted the high offer tonight, which was significantly over my asking price. I am certain this would not have happened without your expert staging. In a difficult real estate market my home really stood out. There were three other homes listed in the same Ravenscliff development…all on the market prior to my listing, and we were the ones to receive multiple offers. What actually happened was a bidding war…very professionally handled by my agent and the cooperating agents. …the buyer’s response to the staging confirms that your professionalism and commitment to detail with a complete top-to-bottom staging will yield big dividends. Extremely well done with the best possible outcome.”

BRUCE F., St. Davids, PA 19087

Dining Room


On the Market 100+ days, Staged and under contract in a week!

“Our experience with Organized by Design was very good. The professionalism in communication, knowledge, and work quality was top notch. The home was staged and soon after we had a contract on the townhouse. ”

PATRICE B., Chester Springs, PA 19425


    • Organized by Design’s Real Estate Home Staging & Curb Appeal Consultation™ includes a Detailed Property Assessment of the interior and exterior of the home including copy for the homeowner. I will explain the basis behind my recommendations and why my suggestions will benefit the seller by reducing negative buyer feedback.
    • Follow-Up Professional Photo Styling and Market Ready Visit is usually a 1 -2 hour visit for the seller that has had the Consultation, and worked on the recommendations advised for their home, but prefers to have an expert eye check over and fine tune any remaining last minute details, such as small décor and accessory arrangements so the home is ready for the photographer and the real estate market.
    • Occupied Home Staging is a Finishing Touch Transformation provided by a hands-on service to complete the desired rooms or the entire home by expertly accessorizing and positioning furnishings to be photographer and MLS ready.
    • Expert Remote Consultation Service is a solution for when you need help with a Professional Photo Styling or Distance Staging dilemma and an on-site visit from Organized by Design isn’t attainable. This is typically for one “need to know what to do” question. At times, it may be a few questions or a one room dilemma you would like us to address for you. This is not to be perceived as a one-second response but a way to assist those that desire our expertise when an in-house visit is not possible. Send photo(s) electronically with your questions. The better your photo(s), the better visual reference we have to advise you. There may be times upon seeing the photos, we’ll be able to give our recommendations immediately and other times we may want to give careful thought and consideration before making a recommendation. Please allow 48 hours from our receipt of your photo(s) for us to analyze the photos and your concern before giving guidance with our response. since questions, photos and response are done electronically, service must be scheduled and paid in advance prior to sending photos and receiving response.
    • Vacant Home Staging Service is for the empty home that is in need of creating an enhanced visual appeal and connection for buyers. Proposals are based upon the desired result of the rooms, quantity and size of rooms, as well as style of home to be staged using rented furnishings and accessories to accentuate the home.

Organized by Design is now showcasing our own rental inventory:

Starting with a 60 Day Minimum Rental Period with convenient 30 day additional rental increments if desired. Click on the following blue link to view our Vacant Home Staging Album to see how our own vacant staging inventory successfully transforms what would have been otherwise empty rooms into aesthetically pleasing, professional photo and market-ready rooms that showcase a home’s selling features.

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