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How to Organize Your Home in 10 Basic Steps

Saturday, April 14th, 2012
by Sherry Castaldi
Category: Home Organizing

1) Pick one room to organize first. Complete that room before moving to the next room.


2) Start in one area of the room and begin by picking up items one by one, determining a category to sort the items into. Work your way around the room. Do not jump from one space to another.


3) Group like items into piles or stacks of like items determined by your categories.


4) Keep a trash bag, recycling container and a container for donate-ables for purging and sorting items into also.


5) Allow for uninterrupted blocks of time to work. Remember organizing is a process. It will take a little time. You cannot organize until you know what you have, how much space it will take up or what type of organizational supplies will be needed.


6) After all items have been sorted, make a list of what organizing supplies (folders, containers, bins, etc.) are needed to store the items you have sorted into categories. Purchase any supplies you need that you do not have.


7) Determine where those storage items (folders, containers, bins, etc.) will be kept; such as specific drawers, filing cabinet, closet shelves, etc.


8) Organize the categorized items into the appropriate folders, containers, bins, etc.


9) Label your folders, containers, bins, etc. by the category names you created.


10) Put your newly organized labeled folders, containers, bins, etc. away in the appropriate space you have determined for storing.


Remember: Staying Organized is an on-going process, just like laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc.

New items are always coming into your home while other items are losing their function or style. You must continuously take stock of your inventory to keep it organized.

With an organized system in place, maintaining an organized space is much easier and more time efficient!

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