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Kitchen Makeover with Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing Home Makeover

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015
by Sherry Castaldi
Category: Home Makeovers

The time may come when you’re ready to update your kitchen cabinets. As you ponder this project, take the following into consideration. Will updating the cabinets lead to updating the counter tops, flooring, appliances, etc?

Basically, will replacing one element create a domino effect of needing a complete kitchen renovation? In which case most of the elements will be removed and replaced. Or maybe the intention is a totally new and renovated kitchen with replacement of all the elements for one unified finished look.

However, what if some elements have been replaced and updated in advance of the cabinets? Most especially, what if new countertops are on older cabinets that are now showing their age? Most likely you would not want to tear out newer granite countertops just to replace the cabinetry. If the cabinets are in good solid condition, you still have a few viable options, such as painting or refacing the cabinets.


This is just the type of scenario that can make cabinet refacing an excellent option. For this particular project shown in the photo, the homeowner didn’t want to paint the existing cabinets white or ivory but really wanted the rich warm tones of a stained wood finished cabinet. Cabinet refacing became the option of choice with fantastic results. The cabinet doors came in different solid woods, styles, stains and colors.

Remember that all cabinet refacing companies may not all be created equal. Before Cabinet Refacing cabinets, available selection, quality of the finished work and what previous customers had to say. The final choice for this particular homeowner was an excellent refacing company with many available selections and quality workmanship. A carefully considered solid wood maple door was chosen to complement the existing color palette of the granite and tile floor. This allowed for a seamless update that looked as if all the elements had been selected together from the very beginning.

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