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Organized by Design Celebrates 10 Years!

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014
by Sherry Castaldi
Category: Business

Organized by Design is celebrating 10 years in business January 2014!  This seemed to be the appropriate time to write a blog that’s a little introspective of those 10 years. 

As owner, creator and founder of Organized by Design, this is an exciting milestone! Starting out in 2004, I wanted to help my clients, whether homeowners or small business owners, with organization and space planning. Through the years, as my business grew and I continued to serve the needs required of my clients, it evolved into Home Staging, Makeovers and Organizing.

My tag line in the early years was Preparing Your Home to Look Its Best and I think that still holds true today, although the tag line has changed to be a little more specific with Creating Warm and Inviting Homes whether you want to sell, stay or simplify.

My commitment is still to give my clients a personalized service that they can depend upon to achieve their goal of a better space. There is nothing more special and exciting for me than when my clients are ecstatic with the results of a finished project.

Through those 10 years, many things have certainly changed along the way!

Originally, I used print advertising and word of mouth marketing. I didn’t even have a website! Talk about a new frontier!  I quickly found out that a website is not a stagnant one-time set up. It’s an ever-changing updating store front of your business. To keep up, it was time to enlist the services of a web-master to maintain it and who over time recognized the need to update the entire website and recommended a new web designer to design a totally new site. My new web designer saw the need to have a new professionally designed logo to build the new website around. Great foresight and superb results!

Oh and don’t forget how important your computer becomes to your business. Finding tech support that I could call upon almost 24/7 and could fix my computer remotely! What a plus!

Although one may know their exact business there is always the business of running and growing a business as the business world and technology changes. Never underestimate the power of working with some great business coaches for guidance.

Then something new always comes along, like social media for business.  It was time to look for a professional for social media assistance. An unforeseen bonus here were some really great friendships also formed along the way.

As the importance of the visual aspect of projects increased, finally (later than I would have liked, but later is better than never) a professional photographer!

The ability to go beyond just Redesign but now offer Residential and Commercial Interior Design by bringing in an Interior Designer to collaborate with on such projects!

Well, you get the idea. It takes an integrated team effort to run and grow a business whether you have employees or seek out professionals in their respective fields to contract with to help and assist you.

I like the idea of a team. I feel not only does my business run smoother surrounded by a team of professionals, but the services to my clients achieve the best results when everyone involved, whether homeowners, realtors, sub-contractors, etc. realize we are all working together as a team for a common goal. That goal is a quality finished project that we all are proud of, that not only achieves the client’s objective but exceeds their expectations of a better space, whether they want to sell, stay or simplify.

In conclusion, to be a success I do believe it’s a team effort. With that sentiment, I would like to thank all of those wonderful professionals that I have worked with and those I continue to work with, and all of those wonderful clients that have called upon me to help them with their projects.  Helping others achieve their goals is a great business to be in!  Thanks to all for a great and successful 10 years as I look forward to many more! 

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