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Professional Décor Dismantling for the Staged Home

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
by Sherry Castaldi
Category: Home Staging

Think your beautifully decorated elegant home doesn’t need to be staged to sell? Think again.

What happens when a home is so beautifully decorated that you are more in awe of the décor than the home?  Why you call in a Professional Home Stager for sure.

Upon the request of some very knowledgeable, experienced and wise Realtors that I work with, I have been sent to homes like this time and time again.  I have to admit I’m sure most people would not regard these homes as needing to be professionally staged.  They are beautiful and exquisite beyond belief but is it too much for the potential buyers to see through?

When a home bears the connection to the seller for designing the décor of each room it can be a formidable task for the homeowner, now seller, to look objectively at these rooms. Each piece specifically chosen for each detailed placement in every room. The homeowner still wants to show the home in the original splendor that they so lovely prepared it. When the features and selling points of the home become so covered with décor that all a buyer can see is ornamentation, there is no choice left but to dismantle the excess furnishings.

Of course this is the only option if you are truly serious about selling your home. Piece by piece, layer by layer, removing the elegant décor to show the bones of the home because that is what buyers need to see to find and become emotionally attached to before considering to make a home their own.

Do not misunderstand, this is a task that should only be left to an expert staging professional because there is a purpose to each change and it’s not just to put the stager’s design stamp on the home, but to show the home in the best possible light to the most potential buyers.  There is a specific strategy of what to remove, what to keep and what to rearrange for those all important on-line photos as well as for actual showing purposes.

Not to mention, how emotional this is to the homeowner! These are delicate situations to say the least, but when the homeowner understands the objective is to help them achieve their goal of a quicker sale with more money in their pocket, they put their pride aside and become willing participants. Staging your home for the real estate market is much different than decorating your home to live in.

I have to admit I am extremely proud every time a home seller is able to relinquish control of their décor for the benefit acheived by the staging transformations! Trust and teamwork are necessary factors to success when selling your home, wouldn’t you agree?


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