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Selling Your Home? Get Your Team in Place for a Successful Sale

Thursday, March 14th, 2013
by Sherry Castaldi
Category: Home Staging

Think about what makes a successful team? Every member on the team excelling at their job makes for a successful team.

Think about the team needed to successfully sell a home.  The team is the Seller, the Professional Stager and the Real Estate Agent working together as an organized team. All members motivated to do their best for the common good of the team with the same goal of selling the home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

The Seller’s role requires offering a well-maintained, well-presented property that appeals to the most potential buyers and properly priced for the real estate market.  The best way to achieve that well-prepared property for showing is for the seller to work with a Professional Home Stager. The best way to properly price the home for the real estate market is for the seller to work with a Real Estate Agent.

The Professional Home Stager is the expert in preparing homes for the market. The stager is critical in helping the homeowner prepare and showcase the home properly. The stager has an objective eye to help the seller correct any negative issues and creative vision to further showcase the home to its fullest potential. Presentation is key when showing your home to potential buyers.

The Real Estate Agent is there to market, sell and coordinate the transaction to settlement. The Real Estate Agent is the expert in knowing the market and property values in the area to best guide the seller to price the home accordingly. An overpriced home will only linger on the market no matter how beautifully it is staged.

When all three parties, the Seller, the Home Stager, and the Realtor work together as a team it is a win-win for all by the presentation of a properly maintained, staged and priced property that appeals to the most potential buyers for the market.  When properties appeal to the most potential buyers, the homes sell faster and for more money and isn’t that the goal when selling a home?

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