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What is Home Staging? The What, Why and How of Home Staging to Sell

Friday, December 14th, 2012
by Sherry Castaldi
Category: Home Staging

Home Staging is the act and art of systematically, cost effectively and professionally preparing properties for the real estate market by increasing the home’s appeal to the most potential buyers.

Why stage a home for sale?

  • Staged homes have been statistically proven time and time again to sell faster and for more money than un-staged homes.
  • When a home has been properly prepared or “staged” for the market, it appeals to as many potential buyers as possible.
  • Your Realtor does not prepare your home for you.  Your Realtor markets your home to bring potential buyers to your home. The more appealing and move-in-ready your home is, the more your Realtor can market what your home has to offer, thereby achieving the highest possible price in the least amount of time for you.
  • A Certified Professional Home Stager works as a team player for the common good of all parties involved helping to achieve the best prepared home possible to show for the Seller that needs to sell their home, the Listing Agent that needs to market the home to sell and the new Buyer that has a properly prepared appealing home to purchase. The Professional Stager understands what needs to be done to accentuate each home’s unique selling features to make it “Ready to Show” for the market.

How does the Staging Process work?

  • Staging is a systematic approach to improve the home’s marketability.
  • The process begins with a thorough examination of the property, both inside and out, moving through each and every room of the home. A Detailed Assessment entailing a master list of recommendations and suggestions to improve the home’s marketability and visual appeal is compiled.
  • These recommendations may include exterior suggestions for curb appeal, interior suggestions such as de-cluttering, de-personalizing, furniture and accessory editing and rearrangement for visual appeal. Also included may be any needed contractor repair or replacement work, including such items as painting and cleaning.
  • An Expert Stager understands the importance of colors and emotions invoked by colors in rooms.  If fresh paint is needed a stager can help with paint color selection when selling a home. Stark white is not best unless you want the home to feel sterile.
  • Having a great sense of visual space planning, the Professional Stager is able to edit and rearrange the furniture and accessories to make the home feel more open or cozy, whichever effect is needed to enhance the home.

Staging to Sell

  • The goal of staging is to make your home appeal to the most potential buyers, which in turn leads to a property the buyer desires and wants to purchase.
  • Remember buying a home is not only a financial decision but an emotional decision as well.  By professionally staging the home and bringing the home to its best potential look and feel, it allows the buyers the opportunity to envision themselves living in the home. When that personal connection is made with the home, the buyer is more ready and willing to make an offer to purchase the home and isn’t that the ultimate goal when you are selling your home?

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